How do you empower yourself to make difficult decisions?
Do you feel that your actions can affect lasting change?
What tools do you use find strength and clarity in tough times?

Let's face it - our lives are confusing and challenging.
It can be hard to discern the right thing to do, and even harder to follow through.

Being a modern Jewish woman is no small matter. It takes conviction, dignity, resilience and grace. More than anything else, it requires a solid inner core. Life is not black and white. We need to make nuanced choices. There are countless options to weigh and many considerations to keep in mind.

Where do we draw strength from? Is there a perfect balance? How do we discover it? Where do we find the tools to succeed at our position in life?

We can find the answers by exploring the worlds of Jewish women throughout history.

The Rosh Chodesh Society’s upcoming course, One Wow Moment, takes a peek at pivotal moments of personal decision within the lives of seven biblical women. Each class delves into the psychology and internal strength that propelled each woman across chasms of doubt and timidity.

This course is a valuable and intriguing guide to exerting courage, empowerment, and deeper purpose when faced with unexpected opportunity, personal dilemmas, and moments of consequential decision. 

One Wow Moment shows us how 7 Biblical women used one moment to change everything - and how we can do the same!

Two Views of You
Overcoming Inclination via an External Perspective

Navigating life can be tricky, and a moral and spiritual life—even trickier. All humans suffer from unconscious bias; we can be too close emotionally to our internal trees to see our forest with full objectivity. An episode in the life of our Matriarch Sarah reveals that this is a struggle for even the best and brightest individuals. Sarah informs us that what we are certain is right and noble might actually be unsound and unsafe for the particular dilemma we face. This lesson analyzes a puzzling slice of Sarah’s story to reveal a literally G‑d-sent solution.

Desirable Duplicity
Being Jewish in All of Life's Roles

It’s every spiritual seeker’s impasse: We want to live meaningful, soul-inspired lives, but we cannot survive without meeting our material needs—and those tend to swallow our time and focus. Rebecca saw an unbridgeable fissure between untethered spirituality versus untamed materiality playing out in the lives of her twins. With incredible insight and courage, she invented a solution just in time to avert disaster. This lesson explores her dilemma and solution, and presents Rebecca as a motherly guide for our own lives.

Mother of Devotion
The Limits of Sacrifice

Infants arrive in this world primed to receive, not to make sacrifices on behalf of others—and the extent to which individuals outgrow that mindset varies widely. Does Judaism expect us to make personal sacrifices to benefit others, and if so, to what degree? This lesson analyzes the fascinating life of our Matriarch Rachel—referred to lovingly for millennia as our collective “mother”—for inspiration and guidance on the value of acting altruistically.

Affection in Direction
Rebuking with Love and Respect

Being advised that we are acting incorrectly is an inescapable feature of life—as is the reality that we will have occasion to inform others of a wrong they are committing. This lesson probes the dramatic story of Abigail, a brave and wise woman who rebuked an angry king on his way to battle and prevented disaster. Her approach reveals a profound and empathetic motivation that should underline any rebuke, and spills Judaism’s secret of successful intervention and redirection.

Using Every Resource for G‑d’s Purpose

Each human owns resources: talent or time, funds or friendship, position or personality, significant supplies or simply a smile. Are they truly ours? Which of them does Judaism expect us to devote to a higher purpose, and to what extent? This lesson consults Queen Esther for advice from her personal experiences in the Persian palace. Her answers are transformative, and guide us toward a comprehensively meaningful existence.

Against the Tide
Acting Morally in an Immoral Society

Cohesiveness, community, conformity. Judaism promotes these as sacred values with enormous benefits, but not if they lead to morally repugnant results. It can be incredibly difficult to recognize the pull and resist the pressure of peers and surrounding society; swimming against the tide can be draining. A solution to this common quandary was born in an unlikely place: the palace of the pharaohs. This lesson analyzes a moment in the life of heroic Princess Batya that provides us with tangible tools for handling such pressure.

Stepping Up
Opting for Tough but True

Are we supposed to squeeze life for the maximum pleasure and convenience? Is there anything wrong with selecting the easiest, least burdensome path at each personal crossroad? This lesson examines the story of Ruth, a former Moabite princess who voluntarily became a destitute Jewess. Ruth teaches us the huge advantage of shouldering instead of shirking responsibility; of choosing covenant over convenience and eternal over easy. Ruth unveils our true self-worth and guides us toward unexpected power.


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