Chabad Expands
Wesleyan Activities
Rabbi Levi and Chanie Schectman
to Direct Jewish Organization

Middletown, CT -- The Chabad Jewish Center in Glastonbury, which has been active for years at Wesleyan University, has announced an expansion of its activities at the Middletown campus.  “After many years of conducting Jewish programs at Wesleyan, we are very excited to announce the appointment of a full time staff to serve the campus community,” said Rabbi Yosef Wolvovsky, Executive Director of the Chabad Jewish Center.

Rabbi Levi and Chanie Schectman, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in Jewish educational and communal activities, are set to direct Chabad programs at the school.  The Rabbi and his wife have already conducted several events at Wesleyan, ranging from classes to “tabling,” and from a “Mobile Sukkah” to a “Model Matza Bakery.”  Beginning this fall, they will offer an expanded array of classes and a wide variety of activities.

While Chabad is one of the largest and increasingly popular Jewish campus institutions, they pride themselves at being locally run and responsive to the specific needs of each community.  The organization maintains a major presence at nearly 300 universities nationwide, ranging from American University to the University of Connecticut, and from Dartmouth College to Yale University.

“Wesleyan is a famously diverse and inclusive community,” said Rabbi Schectman.  “We look forward to contributing to the diversity and vibrancy of the school.”  Emulating other Chabad organizations, the Schectmans intend to work with existing institutions and identify areas where Chabad can add its unique perspective and flavor.  “We view ourselves as complementing the current structure of campus life,” he said.

“Chabad Houses,” as they are affectionately known, provide a warm, intellectually stimulating place for young students of all persuasions to study, pray, schmooze, eat, or just relax.  The organization also offers a diverse variety of social, educational, and spiritual activities.

Levi Schectman was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Milwaukee, WI.  After attending local Jewish day schools, he studied at various Yeshivas in the United States and Israel.  Levi earned his Rabbinical Ordination in 2006.  Over the years, he has taken part in numerous outreach programs, such as cultural trips to Russia and Poland.  He has also been active in developing educational programming for Jewish college students.  Chanie Schectman was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY.  She is a teacher by trade, and is famously beloved by her students.  “Considering their backgrounds and passion for Judaism, we are confident the Schectmans will be successful in engaging the Wesleyan community,” said Rabbi Wolvovsky.

For more information about Chabad at Wesleyan, or to schedule an interview with the Rabbi, please call (860) 659-2422 or email [email protected].